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Relatives searching for Oklahoma family who has been missing nearly a month

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HOMINY, Okla. – Police and relatives say they are searching for a family who has been missing for nearly a month.

Relatives say 26-year-old Robert Moseley, 21-year-old Evie Kenworthy and their three young children were last seen leaving Hominy on Feb. 27.

They told family members that they were headed to Tulsa for the weekend after receiving their tax refund.

Three weeks later, no one has seen or heard from them.

“It’s unlike both of them not to call their moms. I mean, they know to call home. They’ve always called home,” Kimberly Moseley, the children’s grandmother, told FOX 23.

Family members say the couple told them they would be back after a couple of days because their oldest son had a pajama party to attend.

Also, Evie Kenworthy had plans that week to be reunited with a brother, who has been out of state for a year.

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