Tourist steals pizza delivery SUV to catch flight at local airport

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A Vermont tourist accused of stealing a pizza driver’s delivery car to head to the airport in Jackson Hole, Wyoming will not be charged.

According to the Jackson Hole News & Guide, Quinn McElwain, 21, of Vermont, was reported missing Wednesday by family and friends after he left the Elk Country Inn.

The same day, a pizza delivery driver reported his Toyota SUV stolen — it had been left running outside the inn.

Officers quickly put two and two together, said Lt. Cole Nethercott of the Jackson Police Department.

“We figured that they would be related,” Nethercott said. “We received some information from his party that it’s possible he’d leave the area and would try to fly out.”

Police determined McElwain purchased a plane ticket to Chicago with cash and was already in transit when police realized what had happened.

McElwain is eligible for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, a misdemeanor if police pursue charges.

However, Nethercott said he wasn’t sure if the local prosecutor’s office would pay for him to be handed over to Wyoming authorities.

Police gave the delivery driver a lift to be reunited with his SUV the next day.