“I’ve never had nothing given to me,” Oklahoma veteran searches for wife’s stolen wedding ring

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Just days away from his 87th birthday, an Oklahoma veteran needs your help in finding invaluable items stolen from his home.

Curtis Erwin fought for our country in Korea, battled cancer tooth and nail, and even now can't stop working.

He spends much of his time up at a local meat processing plant.

"I’ve been on the butchering floor for 52 years," said Erwin proudly. "I`m an all around hand, anywhere they want to use me."

Last week, with Edwin's at bay, someone made their way into his home.

"I looked over for his money jar that he sits over there, and it was gone," said Ann Dyke, Erwin's daughter. "Then we went back to his bedroom, and all the drawers were open in his room."

"I don`t know anything about it," Erwin said.

With his home burglarized, way out in the Grady County country, this Korean War veteran is now sorting through the mess.

"The gun cabinet, right there, they left one gun, a pellet rifle," he said.

Whoever is responsible made away with a number of antique guns, and an estimated $400 in collected change.

Not even Curtis' pillow was safe.

"But why would they take that bed spread, and my pillow," he inquired.

However, most concerning of all, he's now missing a homemade jewelry box.

This box was filled with some watches, earrings, and the wedding ring of his late wife Virgie.

The two had been married for 49 years.

"You ain't ever gonna believe this, but we never had an argument," said Erwin.

What no burglar could take though, is this Oklahoman's infectious work ethic.

"That`s what burns me up," Erwin said. "I've earned everything I've got, and I've never had nothing given to me."

If you have information on this case, contact the Grady County Sheriff's Office at (405) 222-5085.

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