“We need a home that will actually love us,” Heart-wrenching words from sisters looking for a home

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Two sisters who have been in the foster care system for over a decade are ready to be adopted.

Daniel'le, 12, and Kaylinn, 10, were placed in DHS custody 11 years ago, meaning Kaylinn's entire life has been as a foster child.

The girls have big dreams for their future.

"I want to be a fashionista,” Kaylinn said. "It's a hair stylist. It's a makeup designer. It's a clothes designer, and it's someone who does makeup and nails."

"Be a veterinarian or be in the Army or, if I can't do those, I'd like broadcasting," Daniel’le said.

The pair toured the KFOR studios and even took over the anchor spot from Kent Ogle.

"It's time to Pay it 4Ward to an Oklahoman deserving some special recognition," Kaylinn said.

"So, join First Fidelity and my brother, Kevin, as we Pay it 4Ward," Daniel’le said.

A day that brought a smile to their faces.

"It was awesome! That's all I'm going to say," Kaylinn said.

While they still have years to figure out what to do as a career, they say they are currently tired of moving all the time.

"You need a real home, not just somewhere where you just move to places. It's not cool,” Kaylinn said.

They've been separated twice, have had two failed adoptions and moved a dozen times.

"We need a person that will stay with us," Daniel'le said.

"Because you have to leave your home and your friends behind, and you have to leave all of the good people who have listened to you in your life and, if you tell them something of your business, they'll tell other people, because you're gone," Kaylinn said.

"You easily get tired of moving from place to place to place, and we need a home that will actually love us and care for us," Daniel’le said.

These are two sisters who would love a place to belong and a place to call home.

NBC Oklahoma donated $50 to each girl, which they plan to use on video games and jewelry.

If you're interested in adopting Daniel'le and Kaylinn or learning more about the adoption process, DHS would love to hear from you.

Call them at 405-767-2955.

Visit www.okdhs.org for more information on adopting a child.

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