“You know you never really know people,” caretaker accused of stealing thousands from 76-year-old woman

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A caretaker is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a 76-year-old disabled woman.

Lisa Kamp faces six counts of financial exploitation of an elderly/disabled adult by a caretaker.

Though she has been charged an arrest warrant has not been issued yet.

Kamp has been taking care of Gail Durham for three years.

Family and friends are now worried because they claim the suspect has taken their loved one out of state.

"When she left I thought. What happened to her? When is she coming home," said Brenda Myers, one of Kamp's neighbors.

Durham has dementia and is reportedly living in Minnesota with Kamp.

Neighbors are shocked after finding out Kamp is accused of stealing from the disabled woman.

"Are you kidding? You know you never really know people. I feel so bad for Gail. She's helpless," Myers said.

According to a police report, between September until December 2015 “Kamp pulled out $33,265.11” from Durham’s account.

Her caretaker also allegedly “took a two week trip to London flying first class” and “took an Alaskan cruise” using Durham’s money.

"I just hate to hear that. I never thought that of Lisa," Myers said.

Kamp’s original agreed upon salary was $2,000 dollars per month, but that she gave herself raises, police said.

On several occasions she is accused of paying herself more than $3,000.

Investigators say Kamp began refusing to allow Durham to talk to family members without her.

"Oh how sad. How sad. I'm going to be doing a lot of praying," Myers said.

 Durham’s trust was changed so now Kamp is the trustee, police said.

NewsChannel 4 was told a relative of Kamp’s is being investigated for helping with that.

However, no charges have been filed against that person.

NewsChannel 4 reached out to Kamp Tuesday but did not receive a response.

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