Hospital provides parents live feed to NICU babies

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Amazing times for The Children's Hospital at OU Medical Center.

New technology is now a lifeline for NICU parents, providing a pseudo-digital nanny that can go anywhere.

Jennifer and Zachary Pagel are brand new parents to brand new quadruplet boys.

Harrison, Bennett, Liam, and Declam were all born earlier this month at only 29 weeks old.

"It's joy that you're having a baby and terror that you're having four," Zachary said.

But, day or night, rain or shine, these parents aren't missing a minute, thanks to a new camera system known as NICVIEW.

"Technology is allowing us to be able to have families come closer together," said Scott Coppenbarger with OU Medical. "We can do things here that no other hospital can do."

Since last summer, the hospital has been using the camera system, giving parents and close family a chance to watch their young ones grow on their smart phones.

But, security is key, so access to these cameras online feed is solely up to the parents.

"Each baby has their own login, so you have to kind of remember who's who," Zachary said.

With the technology, family members from far and wide have a chance to tune in, including a new grandmother to the quadruplet boys.

"My mom calls me all the time to get updates, and so it kind of makes it easier to let her be able to watch them, too," Jennifer said.

The Pagels pray their bundles of joy will be home sometime this spring.

With the help of The Children's Hospital and NICVIEW, they now watch and wait, knowing their boys are in good hands.

At the moment, Children's NICU utilizes approximately 50 of the cameras.

They hope to offer the technology to all families in their unit in the near future.

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