Oklahoma family upset oil well is being drilled too close to their home

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TUTTLE, Okla. -  It’s only an orange stick in a wheat field right now, but Chris Folsom says it’s marking the spot where an oil well is going to be drilled.

It sits only a little more than 300 feet from his home.

“There are going to be loud engines running 24/7.  I’ve been told that if they do fracking, that that’s very loud,” said Folsom.

The Folsoms live just outside Tuttle city limits and there are no state statutes governing oil well setbacks from houses.

“We want people to know that you don’t really have any rights.  They can drop the oil well wherever the geologist says and they can put it right next to your house if they’d like,” said Folsom.

It’s a problem we’ve reported on before.

Back in November, we told you about a fracking operation outside Stillwater city limits.

Because it was in the county as well, there were no regulations.

The Folsoms have written to their legislators and say they are trying to work with the drilling company, Linn Energy.

“They have the technology to move their well and still get to the oil they want to get to.  We can’t move our house, of course,” said Folsom.

Linn Energy tells NewsChannel 4 they may not even drill that well this year, but that when they do, it should only take about 20 days.

They say they will do what they can to minimize the impact to the Folsom family.

The Folsoms are hoping if enough attention is brought to this issue, some statewide regulations can be put in place.

The City of Tuttle has a setback regulation of 500 feet for any wells within city limits.

So far, Folsom says he has not gotten a response from his legislators.

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