“Lock your doors. Even if you feel you’re safe,” strangers rob UCO student in dorm room

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EDMOND, Okla. - A University of Central Oklahoma student was robbed in his dorm room.

Two teenagers have been arrested in the case. Dajorh Fitzgerald, 18, and Iyanna Briggs, 18.

Police are still searching for one juvenile suspect.

Taelo Dimbungu, 20, was playing video games with a friend when he says two strangers entered his dorm room at Murdaugh Hall.

"They started saying that they're robbing us," Dimbungu said. "I didn't take him seriously so then he struck me.”

Using the threat of violence, he said they were told to sit down and be quiet.

"A lot of confusion at the moment because there was a lot to sink in," Dimbungu said.

All the exchange student from South Africa could do is watch as his room was ransacked by the suspects.

"They took my laptop over here and my headphones," Dimbungu said.

Then one suspect found a knife.

"He points the knife at me towards my torso and then he kind of just threatens me," Dimbungu said. "They just looked like they were desperate. They even said themselves they were just trying to make a living.”

After snatching the Xbox, their phones and wallets the suspects took off down the hall and ran to their alleged get-a-way driver Briggs.

As soon as campus officials found out about the robbery they started warning students.

"This is a highly unusual incident for the University of Central Oklahoma. These kinds of things very rarely happen, but it did happen," Charlie Johnson, UCO spokesman said.

Dimbungu said the robbery has cost him time and has put him behind in school, but he has learned a valuable lesson.

"Lock your doors. Even if you feel you're safe, you're never 100 percent safe, and anything can happen," he said.

Police were able to track down the suspects after they tried to use the stolen cards at several businesses.

The university and the victims applaud campus police for the quick arrests.

The victims expect to get most of their possessions back.

If you have any information on this case, contact UCO Police at (405) 974-2345.