Oklahoma City superintendent calling on lawmakers to permanently fix budget crisis

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Teachers and parents across the state are bracing for impact after the Oklahoma City Public School District announced that millions are being taken from the district's budget.

On Wednesday, Oklahoma City School Superintendent Rob Neu announced that $30 million is being taken from the district over the next two years.

At this point, 208 teachers are losing their jobs, which will save the district $8 million.

However, Neu says those losses will negatively impact students by drastically increasing class size.

"We have no choice," Neu said at a news conference on Wednesday.

Even after losing teachers, district officials still need to cut $22 million from the budget.

At the end of the day, Neu says big changes need to be made at the state level.

"Bottom line is that our kids deserve quality, stable education and what we can't have is this cyclical downturn every time the economy worsens, that we've got to go through this process. I think what's gotta happen is the legislature needs to make this budget crisis their number one, if not their only, priority for this legislative session. And I really believe that failure to fix this right now, and I don't mean finding the money to fix the problem today but to make sure that we don't go through this in the future. If they don't fix it this session, I think this session is a failure," he said.

On Thursday, Neu said that on a scale of 1 to 10 on how dire the situation is right now, he says it is a 10.

"The worst is yet to come and we have another $22 million to go," he said.