Drivers concerned about Lake Hefner Parkway cable barrier damage

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The cable barriers along Lake Hefner Parkway were the first to be installed in our state back in 2001 because of the number of crossover accidents there.

Since then, they’ve done their job.

They’ve been hit about 750 times, only allowing one vehicle to cross over.

But, on a five miles stretch from 122nd to I-44, there are currently 14 different sections with multiple poles down.

“That really concerns me. That needs to be replaced. There’s a lot of people that travel daily up and down this venue, and it’s a safety issue for sure. For sure, it’s a safety issue, and it needs to be corrected as soon as possible,” said one driver.

Oklahoma Department of Transportation officials said the Lake Hefner Parkway cable barrier has taken a beating lately.

“They’ve had an overrunning number of hits lately,” said spokesperson Terry Angier.

Crews normally try to fix any damage within 48 hours but got behind on the inventory of poles because of the large number of hits.

“That is a concern, that it’s been hit that many times and that we hadn’t had the poles to go in there and repair them immediately,” Angier said.

One crew working on Lake Hefner Parkway Friday morning had to pack it up, because the poles they had did not fit into the holes in the ground.

Angier said they are on order but also said drivers shouldn’t be too concerned.

As long as the cable is still there, it will be functional.

“If there’s any cable that’s laying on the ground, they’ll make sure they find a way to fix it whether it’s to borrow poles from somebody else. So, they won’t let that happen,” Angier said.

Angier said the poles should be in by next week.

She also wants to remind drivers the cable barrier is a last resort and safe driving plays a role in this, as well.