Oklahoma City Thunder player writes beautiful tribute after brother killed in Philadelphia shooting

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Dion Waiters was in shock.

Like many others who suffer the loss of a loved one, Waiters said he continually thought about what would have happened if he had been in town.

“That’s the thing that I keep replaying in my head over and over. If I was home, I know it would’ve never happened. He wouldn’t have been on that bike on that block. He would’ve been with me. We would’ve been chillin’, eating some food, watching some TV at the crib. Staying out the way,” Waiters wrote in an article for the Players’ Tribune.

Earlier this month, officials in Philadelphia confirmed that Demetrius Pinckney was murdered while riding his dirt bike.

“My mind started racing. My first thought was, Damn, it’s a warm day. There’s always problems the first warm day of the year in Philly. There were six killings in the city on the day my brother died. Six,” he wrote.

Waiters says he wants the world to remember Pinckney as more than just his brother, but as his own person.

“You should know the name Demetrius Pinckney. This is what I want you to remember about his life: We called him Zique. He loved to dance. He was always smiling and making the best out of life. I watched Zique grow up from being a goofy-ass little kid, always crying. He was the biggest mama’s boy in the neighborhood. When I think about him, I just think about having fun. He was just a funny person to be around, but the one thing he loved was riding dirt bikes,” Waiters wrote.

He says he warned his brother about riding his dirt bike “where you know you shouldn’t be.”

“My last words to him were, ‘I love you. I love y’all. Stay out the way. Stay off the bike.’ I felt like I was this close to reaching him,” he wrote.

Waiters says he continually tries to become a better person, father and player to honor Pinckney.

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