Police find several stolen guns in southwest Oklahoma City home

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police found dozens of stolen guns in a home while serving what they call a "high risk" search warrant.

Oklahoma City police used their tactical unit to get into a home near S.W. 63rd St. and Douglas on Tuesday morning.

“Anytime we serve a search warrant, one where we’re kicking in a door or making forcible entry into a residence, that’s dangerous enough. But, then, when you throw in the fact that there might be a large quantity of firearms in there, a virtual arsenal inside a residence, we want to take every precaution to make sure that it ends safely,” said MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Barbara Bash watched the dramatic scene unfold from her window next door.

“Heard somebody saying, you know, 'Come out of the house with your hands up.' And, I looked out, and there’s three or four of them taking cover behind my car there,” Bash said.

Police said this all started last week when at least 34 guns were stolen from a home on the city’s northwest side.

The owner reported the theft and then notified police when he saw some of his weapons for sale online on Armslist, which is a site similar to Craigslist that specializes in guns.

“So, our guys went out and made arrangements to meet some of the guys who were selling these guns,” Knight said.

That led police to the house where five people ended up being taken into custody without any trouble.

“It took about 10 minutes before anyone would come out. And, then, they had them coming out backwards with their hands up,” Bash said.

Police said they recovered several weapons during the search.

“All of these weapons are now off the streets. They’re not going to fall into the hands of anybody who’s going to end up shooting somebody or hurting somebody, particularly somebody innocent,” Knight said.

Three of the five people were taken into custody were arrested.

Two were arrested on felony charges regarding the stolen guns, and a third was arrested on a misdemeanor charge.

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