CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Truck appears to be on fire during high-speed chase

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TUTTLE, Okla. - A high-speed chase that sent sparks flying along a busy Tuttle highway was caught on camera.

An even more dangerous situation considering the high fire danger.

Amazingly, no large fires were started.

The chase took place on State Highway 37 just before 10 Wednesday night.

Police said, thankfully, the winds had died down at that point.

“I’m heading down Highway 37 from Tuttle. There’s a guy driving his car down the road with a flaming wheel, and he’s catching the grass on fire on the way. He’s not stopping,” said a 911 caller.

“It’s like the whole back quarter panel of the passenger’s side. It just looks like it’s on fire almost, like sparks going everywhere. He’s driving like crazy!” said another 911 caller.

As 911 calls flooded Tuttle’s dispatch center, police were working to catch up with the pair of hot wheels.

“I think the officer said he visually estimated her speed to be about 70 miles an hour, which the speed limit is 55 on that road and, when he turned around and activated his lights a sirens, she actually sped up to about 85,” said Shana Berryhill, Tuttle Police.

With sirens blaring and lights flashing, the driver sped down the road for several miles before coming to a stop.

Officers said they then met with a very confused Ariel Fish.

“She did not know what day it was. She did not know where she was,” Berryhill said. “She told the officer she thought she was on Western Avenue in Oklahoma City, and that she had just gone to get pizza.”

With the pizza left to get cold, the 25-year-old was hauled off to jail, and her rimless ride was towed away.

“Thankfully, she was out here where it’s a little bit more in the country instead of the city,” Berryhill said. “It would have been maybe a little more dangerous out there, because it would have been more populated.”

Police said it appeared Fish was on some kind of drug.

According to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, she has been arrested before on multiple drug charges.

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