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KFOR storm chasers capture video of storm that produced brief funnel

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WALTERS, Okla. - NewsChannel 4 had our whole team of storm chasers covering severe storms across the state Sunday.

Storm chase Marc Dillard and meteorologist Aaron Bracket caught one of the severe storms on camera near Walters, Okla.

Around 8 p.m. Sunday, the storm produced a brief funnel as the rotation became wrapped in rain.

Fortunately, it dissipated before it could cause any damage.

Dillard and Brackett also captured video of the heavy rain that caused some flooding along Hwy. 62 in Anadarko.

The rain combined with high winds caused damage in several town in southwest Oklahoma.

At one point, our storm chasers had to pull over because 70 mph cross winds were rocking their truck.

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