Baby’s ashes stolen during home burglary

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LAKE FOREST PARK, Wash. – You never fully get over the loss of a child, but a couple in Washington says they feel as if they have lost their son all over again.

Casey was just 1-year-old when he died.

His parents, Jessica and Brian Kropf, decided to have him cremated.

“The reason I didn’t bury him is because I wanted him to be with me when I find a place, when I pass,” Jessica told KIRO. “Wherever they end up burying me, I wanted to have him with me. I never wanted to be away from him.”

On March 28, the couple was hit with another tragedy.

Thieves kicked in their basement door and stole electronics and the family’s tools.

“The most important thing that we lost was a small white box that had our son’s ashes in them,” Jessica told KIRO.

It has been two weeks and now they are worried Casey’s ashes will never be returned.

“I really hope he’s not in a landfill,” she said. “I worry that he is because he doesn’t deserve to be in the trash some place.”

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