Broken Arrow boy makes miracle recovery

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BETHANY, Okla. - Do you believe in miracles?

If not, 13-year-old Traden Karch just might change that for you.

Badly injured in a horrific car accident last February, his parents were told to prepare for the worst.

"They kept using the word 'severe,'" said Chris Karch, Traden's father.

It was February 23.

It started like any ordinary day.

Traden was riding with his sister and grandfather, who was driving them in his van.

In a second, tragedy struck.

The van was hit on the driver side by another vehicle at an intersection.

Traden had been sitting behind his grandfather and took the brunt of the crash.

Traden's mom and dad will never forget the day they got the call.

Their son had been in a terrible accident and was clinging to life at a Tulsa hospital.

At first, doctors gave the family very little information.

"We didn't know if he was going to live and, if he lived, they were very specific about saying 'All brain injuries are different,'" Chris said.

Traden had multiple skull fractures and brain swelling that continued to get worse.

Stunned and scared, Manda said she gave it to God, asking friends to pray via text message.

Manda said that is when the miracles started.

"I'd ask the nurse, you know, 'What medicine did you give him?' And, she was like, 'I haven't had time to give him anything yet,'" Manda said.

Chris, who never posted on Facebook before the accident, now reaching out to anyone he could.

He had one message.

"If they were a praying person, to please pray and, if they knew someone who was a praying person, to just share," Chris said.

A simple post on social media took off.

Prayers poured in for Traden from all over the world.

Fast forward to now.

Just four weeks ago, Traden was in a coma.

When I met him, he walked up to me with a big smile and a hug.

He's not talking yet but working on that with Kelly Whitehead, an Occupational Therapist at Children's Rehabilitation Center in Bethany.

Traden gives two thumbs up for "yes."

"He's so motivated. He works so hard with everything he does, and every day we're just making more and more gains," Whitehead said.

Before the accident that nearly claimed his life, Traden played on the Tulsa PGA Junior All Star Team and for his Junior High team in Broken Arrow.

The teen hopes to pick up a club again soon.

His parents are counting their blessings, thankful for their miracle.

Manda is brought to tears as she talks about all the friends and total strangers that prayed for Traden throughout his ordeal.

"Everybody got to see a miracle, you know, and got to witness how good God is and how fast he works," she said.

Traden still has a long road to recovery ahead.

He will continue to work on his speech.

His parents are keeping the faith.

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