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Chilling confession: Man admits to feeling “euphoric” after killing grandfather, stranger

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STOCKTON, Calif. - A California man admitted to killing his own grandfather and another man simply because he "wanted to."

Richard Robinson, 25, told KTXL that he felt "euphoric" after stabbing the men to death.

The Stockton Police Department say Robinson stabbed his grandfather, Kirby Robinson, to death in his home.

He says he "had thought about stabbing someone" the day before.

After the murder, Robinson says he drove to a Denny's in Sacramento to "lay low for a minute."

However, he says he decided to stab a 44-year-old homeless man to death there.

Robinson, who shows no remorse for the murders, says he has a history of mental illness. He says he wasn't on any medication or drugs at the time of the killings.