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Born on Easter Sunday: This colt has the amazing markings to prove it

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ELMWOOD, OKLAHOMA -- Reuben Parker has been Beaver County Sheriff for a while now, long enough to think he'd seen everything.

But Parker, his son Will, and his son-in-law Kyle Anderson got a surprise on Easter morning, something none of them had ever seen, ever.

"No. Not ever," says Sheriff Parker. "This is the first time, but we'll take all of them the good Lord wants to give us."

P and J Quarter Horses is a side business for the Parkers.

They raise them for cutting and roping.

This strawberry mare produced a filly colt that Sunday.

She was healthy, which is always good.

But it didn't take long for everyone to notice the markings on her forehead.

Reuben's wife noticed first.

Then everyone did.

It sure looked like the image of Mary, mother of Jesus to them.

"Put them side by side and you can see the resemblance," says Parker. "Looks just like it."

"The top is where the veil comes up and around. The kids put it up on   Facebook and we've talked with several people we didn't know. The picture has been brought up and they're just amazed."

Rueben is back to patrolling Beaver County.

His new foal is doing well too; growing and sticking close to her mother.

The unique markings have faded just a little, but the impression still runs deep.

When it came time to name the colt, it seemed obvious.

"We're going to name her Mary," says Parker. "That's going to be the name on her papers."

Skeptics might think people don't have enough to do out here, that the bright sun or lack of company in the panhandle makes people think funny things.

The Parkers don't really care.

They have enough faith in what they saw to want to share it with the rest of the world.

You can go ahead and think what you want.