Customers can’t find skylight contractor for refund

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Local roofer Billy Cobb wants to know what happened to his specialty skylights.

He purchased a set of four from Richard Smith and Skylights Unlimited for about $1,800.

Cobb tells the In Your Corner team the delay initially put him way behind on his one of his projects.

Others too are alleging the same thing happened to them.

The owner of a second local roofing company tells the In Your Corner team he's still waiting on a $2,800 refund for his skylights that never showed.

In both cases, they say the most frustrating part is never hearing from Richard Smith.

They say the sign hanging in his shop window always says open, but the door is always locked.

“I've been there at 9. I've been there at 2. I've been there at 11,” Cobb said. “Every time I go there, no one will answer the door.”

We spent a week emailing, calling and waiting for Smith at his shop.

The phone number for his business was always disconnected.

We left him messages on his cell phone.

Our investigation pressed on.

We know at one time Smith was a dealer for Velux Skylights, but a Velux spokesperson tells the In Your Corner team they ended that partnership. 

There is still no word from Richard Smith.

Cobb finally got his customer taken care of but only after he purchased skylights from a second supplier that completed the order in just three days and for half the price. 

We'll keep you posted on that refund.