Firefighters face cold blooded rescue

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JONES, Okla. - It was a happy ending to a high stakes rescue after a beloved family pet got stuck in the rain.

It was definitely a first for firefighters, responding to a call that read "five foot iguana stuck in a 15 foot tree."

Like a cat with claws and scales, Mara even knows his name.

At 5 years old and five feet tip-to-tail, he's hard to miss and hard to lose.

So, when Lauren Porter took him out for fresh air Sunday night, she didn't think twice.

"I was letting my iguana out of his cage in his room," she said. "I let him outside in the pen to air out."

While he's largely slow and lethargic, Mara was slick as a snake Sunday, darting out of his cage into the rainy night.

"We pretty much just started searching with flashlights, spotted him up in the tree," Porter said.

Weighing over 20 pounds, Lauren feared the branch would soon snap, so she phoned the fire department.

"I've dealt with several animal rescue calls, having to get cats out of trees obviously - the old firefighter thing, even snakes out of house before but never an iguana out of a tree," said Shane Wilson, Jones Fire Chief.

The high stakes rescue was tasked to the lowest man on the totem pole.

"It was the new guy, one of the new guys," Wilson said.

"They got up there, got him down really fast and was really gentle with him," Porter said.

Before long, Mara's actually moving to the metro.

So, keep your eyes peeled for the cold blooded Houdini.

"He is actually about to go back with my cousin, so he'll be a city iguana now," Porter said.