GRAPHIC: Dog found with arrow through his neck

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DUNCAN, Okla. - Duncan police are investigating after a dog was found with an arrow shot through his neck.

The veterinarian said the dog's injuries, while severe, are not life threatening.

'Archer,' as he's now known, is in a lot of pain but slowly getting better.

"All of his nerves are completely functional," said Dr. Michael Hudson with Duncan Veterinary Hospital.

Pretty incredible considering what he's been through.

Archer was found by Duncan Animal Control and then taken to the Duncan Veterinary Hospital.

"He was in surprisingly good condition. He was alert and responsive. He was even wagging his tail," Hudson said.

Hudson removed the arrow.

Monday, he and his staff shaved Archer's neck, flushing his wound and sewing up his paw, which was also sliced open by the arrow.

"The arrow amazingly missed all his vital structures, entered the back of his neck and came out through the bottom," Hudson said.

"We have an individual that is a possible suspect," said Detective Bill Fitzhugh with Duncan Police.

Police are still talking with the suspect.

They are now hoping to find Archer's owner but, so far, that has proven difficult.

"No microchip, no collar, no means of identification,"Hudson said.

For now, Archer is staying with Hudson.

"We expect him to make a full recovery," Hudson said.

If you have any information that could help in this investigation, you are asked to contact the Duncan Police Department.