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Identity theft money ends up in county jail

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Investigators are trying to track down the people responsible for a string of identity thefts that sent cash to inmates at the county jail.

According to a probable cause affidavit, there have been approximately 125 suspicious deposits at the Oklahoma County Detention Center over the span of three months.

Between July 28 and Oct. 23 of last year, investigators say nearly two dozen people had their identities stolen and $20,000 was deposited into inmate accounts.

The District Attorney's office has filed 13 criminal charges against Jody Lynn Bailey, who prosecutors say carried out or orchestrated those 125 deposits.

Thirteen of the deposits were tied to an out-of-state phone number once used by Bailey when he spoke to his parole officer.

Bailey's rap sheet includes five years in prison for forgery.

Investigators say the deposits were made using  the Telmate system, which friends and family can use to put money into inmates' trust accounts.

Deposits can be made in person at kiosks or over the phone -- provided the user has a credit or debit card number as well as the cardholder's name and address.

Telmate can also keep track of telephone numbers used by the caller when making deposits, according to the affidavit, which is how investigators traced some of the fraud to Bailey.

The DA's office expects the number of defendants and number of criminal charges to increase as the investigation continues.