Ladies, rejoice! Hormone-free birth control pill FOR MEN is one step closer

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Soon, the burden of remembering to take a daily birth control pill could lie with the man.

Many couples, especially young couples, are looking for new reversible contraception methods that do not require surgery, such as vasectomy reversals.

A new study printed in the scientific journal Protein Expression and Purification reveals a non-hormonal contraceptive pill is one step closer.

Scientists with the University of Virginia have isolated and produced an enzyme, already found in a man's testes, which prevents sperm from swimming.

Scientists say because the pill uses the body's own enzyme, it is safe and has no side effects,  unlike synthetic hormones found in female birth control pills.

Though the new research is a breakthrough in male contraception, fine-tuning the new pill will need further research.

However, as MSN reports, several other "reversible" male birth control concepts are also in the works.

In Japan, researchers have discovered that a drug given to suppress the immune systems of organ transplant patients, also temporarily made the sperm of mice unable to fertilize an egg.

Scientists are hoping to produce the same effects in humans.

Another method in the works - an injectable thick gel called 'Vasalgel' that blocks sperm from escaping.

In a trial involving rabbits, each injection lasted 12 months but could be flushed out with another injection if a couple wanted to become pregnant.

The gel could be available within the next two years.

The bottom line - couples are searching for newer forms of contraception, and many of the new advances are designed for men, leveling the playing field in the game of contraception.