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Purcell police on the hunt for suspected serial shoplifter

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PURCELL, Okla. - Purcell police are on the lookout for a man suspected in several recent thefts.

He was confronted by Walmart employees after an alleged attempt to dart out of the store with some high-dollar merchandise.

As store employees chased this slippery suspect, undercover security was positioned at the front door.

"The other is waiting at the door, and that's who he runs into. He just slides around him and out he goes," said Det. Scott Stephens.

Purcell police said an accomplice waiting outside in a getaway car sped off when he saw store security in hot pursuit.

Investigators said the alleged suspect had no intention of surrendering.

"He runs across the parking lot and busy Green Ave., Hwy 74, and here's a wooded area on the other side of the highway," Stephens said.

Authorities said the alleged suspect was able to get over a barbed wire fence and disappear into the woods.

Investigators believe he slipped into a creek, which enabled him to lose the scent of a chasing police officer.

A short time later, police did recover a backpack.

Inside that backpack, police found a treasure trove of stolen merchandise, including three Apple TVs, computer software and camping supplies - not to mention that HP computer he allegedly stole from the store.

"Total stuff he tried to get away with was over $1,400," Stephens said.

Police don't think this mystery man will get far.

Since posting the surveillance footage on social media, they've heard from other metro stores, too.

And, late Monday afternoon, authorities arrested the man believed to be the getaway driver.

He's been identified as Randy Franks, Jr.

Franks is being held in the McClain County Jail.