Cities encouraging residents to register storm shelters

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Officials around the metro said more people are getting storm shelters.

"We know, in the last few years, a lot of people have been installing them, especially garage storm shelters, so we want to know where those are, so we can help in the event that we need to," said Case Moore, public information officer for the city of Edmond.

That's why Norman, Moore, Oklahoma City and Edmond all have online resources to register a storm shelter.

"As we've learned, in other storms, sometimes, depending on how bad the damage is, you may not be able to tell where a lot of things are but, using the GPS data, we're we've mapped all of the storm shelters we know, where we specifically want to go and look for people," Moore said.

The online portal will ask what type of shelter you have, whether it's an above ground, in ground, basement or safe room.

In some cases, you'll be asked where it is in relation to your house.

Currently, more than 7,200 storm shelters are registered in Edmond.

But, they're hoping to reach a lot more folks.

"A lot of older shelters are still unregistered or are being registered, so we're still trying to reach those people, as well," Moore said.

There's also another way emergency crews can find you through an app called GPS status, so you can find your coordinates right in the storm shelter.

Just post them up inside and, if you have to call 911 due to an emergency, it's another way first responders can find you.

The city of Oklahoma City said 33,400 shelters are registered.