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Severe weather in Oklahoma: Protect your car from hail damage

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OKLAHOMA - With the threat of softball size hail, a lot of folks are worried about damage to their cars.

If you have to leave your car outside, there are a couple products you can buy to protect it.

Mother Nature can wreak havoc on our homes and cars in a heartbeat.

Jeremiah Graham sees it all the time.

He owns Car Star on Broadway Extension.

“A golf ball is going to damage the car. There’s a pretty good chance it would damage the glass. It may not bust it out all the way, but it would put some pretty good size cracks in it, and it would dent the car, various panels, but it would be fixable,” Graham said.

Once you get up to baseball and softball size hail, it’s a whole different story.

“You’re probably looking at replacing the hood, a roof and a trunk lid and doing some repairs to the outer rails of the car more than likely,” Graham said.

If it’s an older car, it’ll likely be totaled, because of the cost of the work to fix it.

There are some products on the market you can buy to protect your car.

But, they can be pricey.

“It’s like a car cover, and then it blows up and inflates, and they’ve tested it against all the various sizes of hail and wind, and it seems to work pretty good from what I’ve seen,” Graham said.

We also found hail blankets online that you can custom order for your car so they fit securely.

Sometimes, people use blankets from their home or floor mats, but a strong gust of Oklahoma wind will quickly ruin that plan.

Visit or for more information on the products.