Studying in San Antonio, Thunder Taking Notes From Game 1

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Where do you even begin to breakdown what went wrong for the Oklahoma City Thunder in their blowout loss to San Antonio in Game 1?
As awful as the offense was, the defense was worse, and why it was so bad is a question that the Thunder can't answer unanimously.
Was it poor effort or just a bad game?   Two Thunder players disagree.
I don`t think it was an issue of us playing harder i think what they did was put us in some tough situations on the defensive end everybody was ready to play in this game the score definitely didn`t say that but it wasn`t like everybody came into the game not caring we all care we all want to win but they put is in tough positions we weren`t able to get out of them we weren`t able to in them so that`s what the playoffs was about.
They just played harder than us man that`s what it was that`s all it came down to just effort they came out with a higher intensity level than we did.
We got to have more urgency certainly on the offensive and defensive ends of the floor i think those I’ll let those guys speak for their own effort i feel like there wasn`t anybody not out there giving effort i definitely don`t feel that way i thought our execution and our concentration in really specific areas was not that great i thought we did not react well to certain situations that we need to react better to.
The blowout was such a blur that after the game the Thunder couldn't even explain what went wrong.
But once they got a chance to see the video, it became clear a lot went wrong.
Despite what Oklahoma City Thunder fans may think the sun did come up for your NBA team today they went through what seemed to be a lively energetic and competitive practice here inside the AT&T Center and also went back to look at that blowout loss to the Spurs in game one with that said I asked thunder center Steven Adams on how he thought things went and he said some of it was a bit strange and frightening.
It was eerie when we were doing film obviously but then come out here and just get some exercise get the hormones pumping man everyone understood because everyone already watched it just like me everyone watched the film already we already knew what to expect and what we seen was just yea it sucks looking at it mate but you just have to let it go i feel like we understand what we have to do coming into game two game one was just it was the opposite of aesthetically pleasing so we just have to come and give more effort.
As someone was quick to point out to Steven Adams the thunder lost by 35 in this building just two years ago in his rookie season as only Adams could respond he said thanks for the confidence booster mate by the way the thunder would go on to win the next two games in that series.
You know the old saying about "don't get mad, get even?"
The Thunder are already mad and they'll try to get even as well in Game 2 Monday night at 8:30.
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