“This wolf has kind of brought this neighborhood together,” Wild ‘wolf’ living in Choctaw

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CHOCTAW, Okla. - A so called wild 'wolf' is claiming a Choctaw neighborhood as her home.

Some people have been referring to her by the name Spirit.

The Choctaw animal control officer believes she is a hybrid, a dog with some wolf in her.

Last summer, NewsChannel 4 told you she was living in the Choctaw Creek neighborhood.

Residents there worried when she disappeared, but they can find comfort now knowing she has found a new home not too far away.

The wolfdog has captured the eyes and hearts of her new neighborhood.

"One night, stopped out here, and next thing I know there's like three or four different families all out here having some beers and stuff, and everybody's sitting there watching the wolf," said Tim Jenne. "This wolf has kind of brought this neighborhood together.”

Wild in nature, it is nearly impossible to get close to her.

Animal Control Officer Kenneth Grant said, after more than five years, he has given up his fight to catch the K-9.

"Every time I go out, she sees my truck ,and she's gone," Grant said. "She knows who I am."

She is a smart creature that is slowly warming up to Jenne and his dogs.

"At work, everybody calls me the wolf whisperer,” Jenne laughed.

He said he first saw her three months ago.

"She just started hanging by the house in the woods there," Jenne pointed out.

Each day, she got a little closer and eventually made friends with his dogs, and now amazingly enough she is eating out of the palms of his hands.

She is even stepping foot in his house.

"She's been gentle. She's awesome," Jenne said.

A once lone wolf seems to have found her pack.

Jenne said Spirit is part of the family now and hopes she will eventually stay in his backyard.

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