Horrific beating lands one student in the ER

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EDMOND, Okla. - It's a video igniting outrage on social media and beyond.

A 30 second clip shows a 17-year-old student unleashing repeated blows to the head of another student outside Edmond North High School.

In this case, a female classmate intervenes and stops the attack.

And, several other students sent cell phone video straight to Edmond police.

"You have to have respect for these kids, the girl who stepped in and those who went on social media for police and reported the crime to us wanting to do the right thing," said Sgt. James Hamm with Edmond PD.

The Edmond School District is investigating a motive.

There are reports the suspect was "offended" by something said in class before the fight.

"We don't know what lead up to the fight," said spokeswoman Susan Parks Schlepp. "But, provoked or unprovoked, this is conduct that we can't tolerate."

Because the incident involves a juvenile, school officials can't release details about punishment.

But, they did tell NewsChannel 4 it will be swift and severe.

The suspect will also face aggravated assault and battery charges.

"In this case, a kid was significantly injured," Hamm said. "He's had a facial bone broken and may have to have surgery."

Witnesses said there is no telling how much worse this might have been had several students not had the courage to stand up for a defenseless classmate.

We did speak to the victim's father.

He told us his son has "lots of cuts, a black eye and a broken nose" but is recovering.

And, he "applauds" the brave young lady who stepped in to stop the fight, saying "I would like to personally thank the student who courageously stepped in to help break up the attack."

NewsChannel 4 was also sent a second video of the attack:

(Warning: Contains graphic content.)

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