Homes destroyed, roads blocked off in Murray County after tornado

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MURRAY COUNTY, Okla. - Everywhere you looked Monday night, you could see the power of Mother Nature.

Chimneys were snapped in half.

A kitchen table was left standing, but there was no roof overhead.

Israel Guerrero and his family are safe, but they have a lot of cleaning up to do.

He rushed home as soon as the storm passed.

"I thought everything was gone," Guerrero said.

His house is still standing.

His neighbors weren't as lucky.

Power lines were down all around his home.

The tornado left his land looking like a scrapyard.

"It did all kinds of damage over there, but I don't care. That can get replaced," Guerrero said.

Down the street, state troopers and Murray County deputies directed traffic.

Downed power lines and debris all over the roads created big problems.

"The damage is about a mile wide, so we've got about the whole county covered. We have to do traffic control and block the county roads," said Trooper Tim Brinson.

About a half dozen homes were destroyed in the area.

Authorities urged people to stay away until crews clear the roads and fix the power poles.

Families who live here are thankful for what they do have left.

"I guess we're lucky is all I can say," Guerrero said.

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