“I was hanging on for nine kinds of dear life,” House moves 4 feet after tornado

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JOHNSTON COUNTY, Okla. - Staring down a possible EF4 tornado, Curtis Tweedy had nowhere to turn.

"My wife says 'Here comes one,' and I said 'Yeah, I hear it coming, but where we gonna go? We ain't got no place to go,'" Tweedy said. "I thought 'Well, this is gonna be my time.'"

Out in rural Johnston County, he and his wife grabbed their house and hung on.

"I was hanging on for nine kinds of dear life," Tweedy said. "I don't want no more of this, though. One time's enough for me."

As the storm settled, so too did debris.

His house had moved at least four feet.

Animals roamed the property, lost in a daze.

"Barn's tore up. House tore up. Rabbit pin tore up. Chicken pin tore up," Tweedy said. "I lost one of my dogs, too. House fell on top of her."

But, Tweedy said he is taking the high road, anxious, ready and raring to rebuild.

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