Mother claims baby was kicked off flight because of portable oxygen tank

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Mother claims baby was kicked off flight for oxygen. Credit: KSNV

LAS VEGAS – Yamile Quintero said she did everything she could think of before boarding a flight with her son to make sure there wouldn’t be any issues.

Quintero is a single mother to 7-month-old Roman, who was born prematurely and now suffers from chronic lung disease and a heart murmur.

Quintero booked a flight from Las Vegas to Miami to take her son to see a doctor and visit family for Mother’s Day.

She told KSNV that she checked with the airline multiple times to make sure there wouldn’t be any issues with his medical equipment.

“I asked and they were like, ‘Yeah, as long as it’s portable oxygen, you’re fine. You can get on the plane,” she told KSNV.

However, she says she was asked to get off the plane after boarding the flight.

The FAA allows some portable oxygen tanks, but can also require a note from a doctor- something Quintero didn’t know she needed.

Frontier Airlines did not respond to KSNV’s requests for comment.

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