‘Fill the Fire Truck Food Drive’ benefits families in need in Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA - This week, Oklahoma City firefighters tackled hunger in Oklahoma in a unique way.

Firefighters hosted the 'Fill the Fire Truck Food Drive,' having teamed up with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, asking for non-perishable food items and donations to feed families in need.

The event was from 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. Wednesday at the OKC Firefighters Local 157 downtown near Northwest 6th and Robinson.

Every donation counts.

Oklahoma ranks top 10 in America for being one of the hungriest states.

Bonnie Rennels wanted to do her part, determined to make a difference.

"I'm eating breakfast, and I'm not hungry. I want to share with people who are hungry," Rennels said.

Oklahoma City firefighters are encouraging more people to drop off non-perishable food items this week to fire stations.

"Firefighters are in every neighborhood in the city. We see the best and the worst of things," said Scott Vanhorn, president of Oklahoma City Firefighters Local 157.

One of the most alarming things firefighters notice are kids with nothing to eat.

One in four children in our state are hungry, and food like corn and baked beans can make all the difference.

"Seeing this food right here warms my heart, because some people go to bed not knowing when that next meal is going to be, and it could be sitting right here," said Natalie Price, Regional Food Bank Oklahoma.

15-year old Joey Mitchell said he knows some of his classmates can't rely on their next meal - his incentive for donating.

"Picture a family enjoying a meal with a food you just donated. What do you want them to feel?"

"That someone out there cares," Rennels said.

In case you missed the food drive event, you can still help this weekend.

On Saturday, 'Stamp Out Hunger' will be taking place all across Oklahoma.

Simply fill a plastic bag with canned food donations and place it by your mailbox, and your letter carriers will pick it up and deliver it to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

For more information, visit www.regionalfoodbank.org.

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