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Council members receive sexual, physical threats after rejecting new stadium in Seattle

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SEATTLE, Wash. - A proposal that would move forward with building a new sports arena in Seattle was rejected by the city council, and residents are furious.

The proposal focused on vacating part of a Seattle street to create a sports arena.

The Seattle City Council voted against the measure 5-4, with all five votes coming from the female members of the council.

Following the vote, city leaders say the council members were bombarded with misogynistic threats the included sexual and physical violence from the public.

"We saw the worst come out in people, and there is just no excuse for that," said Seattle City Council President Bruce Harrell. "Don't attack their motives, don't attack their ability because these are extremely capable council members."

The four votes that sought to approve the measure came from the men on the council.

"I have enormous respect for my colleagues on Council, and am shocked and saddened by the misogyny, threats, and hateful language they have faced in the last few days. This is an important moment for all of us to reflect on how we can combat the gender biases that have led us to this point, and I will continue to support the leadership my colleagues have already demonstrated in this matter," Mike O'Brien told KCPQ in a statement.

The decision brought flashbacks to many Seattle Supersonic fans.

In 2008, the team was trying to convince the Washington legislature to build a new arena so they would have an updated facility.

That didn't happen, which allowed owner Clay Bennett to part ways with the city and move the team to Oklahoma City.

Now, many Seattle Supersonic fans feel as though the city has let them down a second time.

"We lost. #Robbed. The Seattle City Council voted down the Occidental Avenue Street Vacation by a 5-4 vote. The corrupt opposition spent enough money on lawyers and messaging campaigns to defeat the legitimate Will of the People, convincing a five-vote majority of Seattle City Councilmembers to betray Sonics fans yet again. This is devastating to the hopes that Seattle will get an NBA/NHL team within the city limits," Sonicsgate, a group formed by Seattle Supersonics fans, said on its website.