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Health experts warning parents of disturbing trend to pass drug tests

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FARGO, N.D. – It’s a disturbing trend that is easily found on the Internet, but health experts are concerned that it could be deadly.

Health experts in North Dakota say they have seen people drinking household bleach, believing that it will clean out your system.

Some believe that bleach will even help you pass a drug test.

“They are desperate. They will try anything to try and prove to mom and dad, ‘I am not doing this,” said Stephanie Knutson, who works at Sanford in the drug analysis lab. “They are so desperate, they will try anything no matter what the risk.”

However, Knutson told KKCO just because you can find it on Google does not mean that it is true.

“Drinking bleach will not allow you to pass a test; it will not mask the metabolites we are looking for,” she said.

Instead, bleach can be extremely dangerous to your health.

“It could do corrosive damage to your esophagus. In the lining of your stomach, it could cause you to have hyponatremia where your sodium goes sky-high. Your blood pressure, your heart rate, you could go into a coma or possible death, it’s so dangerous. Don’t do it,” she said.