Man advertising ‘free hugs’ arrested after allegedly punching woman for not tipping him

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NEW YORK CITY - Authorities arrested a man in Times Square who allegedly punched a woman for not tipping him when he gave her a 'free hug.'

According to WPIX, a 22-year-old Canadian tourist took a picture with a man who was holding up a "free hugs" sign on Thursday morning.

Police say the man, Jermaine Himmselstein, demanded a tip and she refused.

At that point, investigators and witnesses say Himmselstein punched her in the face and took off.

The victim suffered a black eye and bruises to her face.

Himmselstein was arrested a short time later after officers were able to identify him from the picture.

"I was aggressively asking for tips," Himmselstein told WPIX, but he did not deny hitting the woman.

According to WNBC, this isn't the first time Himmselstein has assaulted strangers.

On April 29, police say he allegedly assaulted a woman waiting for a train, screaming, "You will respect me when I knock you out."

On April 17, he was arrested on a criminal mischief charge after allegedly assaulting a 25-year-old woman.

In 2013, he allegedly threw a cup of water on a woman when she refused to hug him.

In a similar case that year, Himmselstein allegedly told a woman, "You're pissing me off, and I assault people when I'm mad."