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Norman teen’s death remains an unsolved mystery more than a decade later

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NORMAN, Okla. - For more than a decade an Oklahoma family has lived with a haunting question, what happened to their son?

He was found dead, but the exact details surrounding his death are still a mystery to Norman Police.

"13 years without any type of real good solid leads," Captain David Teuscher, with Norman Police, said.

The investigation started back in September of 2003.

The body of Sammy Youngblood was found in a rural area outside of Norman.

Scene where Youngblood's body was found

Scene where Youngblood's body was found

"I'll never get him back no matter what happens," Julie Youngblood, Sammy's mother, said.

Sammy was just 18 years old.

His body was found on a bridge.

To this day police question whether his death an accident or a murder?

"We're still not real sure how or why," Captain Teuscher said.

Julie Youngblood last saw her son the night before his body was found.

"Kissed me goodbye. I said be safe," she said.

"We knew he had been out with friends that night and never came home," Captain Teuscher said.

"Next morning I get a phone call.... Not one a parent should ever get," Julie said.

Julie Youngblood

Julie Youngblood

Sammy's body was discovered in the early morning hours near 108th and Post Oak Road in Southeast Norman.

"There was some type of fight. The other individual got back in the vehicle and then left the scene, " said Captain Teuscher. "That's kind of where we go gray."

The medical examiner ruled Sammy died from a massive head injury; however, the manner of death was left "undetermined."

"We don't know exactly if the fight was the reason Mr. Youngblood was deceased, if he tried to do something and the vehicle may have hit him or run over him or if he was fine and later someone came along and struck him," Captain Teuscher said.

Right now they only have theories, but no proof.

The medical examiner report says Sammy was highly intoxicated.

It also says his "injuries were more consistent with falling off a moving vehicle than a beating."

Wounds on his body led police to wonder if maybe he did try to chase after the truck following the fight.

Police wonder if maybe he tried to jump in the back of the truck but fell off, or if maybe he was hit by someone else.

Complicating the investigation even more, the man driving that truck and the young woman who was riding with him have always refused to talk to police.

"It's very frustrating. You put a lot of time and effort. You're trying to help this family out, give them some kind of closure and you hit a dead-end like that. You have a door, you just don't have the key to open it," Captain Teuscher said.

"It drives me insane. Where's the justice in that?" Julie asked.

"Allegedly, this guy was a friend of the deceased. So, you would think he would come forward and try to give that family some closure. He's made no effort to do that," Captain Teuscher said.

A couple of days after Sammy's death, police did get a warrant to search the truck, but nothing was found.

It's heartbreaking for Julie.

"Do they sleep at night? You know, I wonder. I don't, sometimes," she said.

Sammy Youngblood

Sammy Youngblood

Sammy was her first-born.

While she knows the truth won't bring back her son she believe it might help her heal.

"God, I hope to see it before I pass away," Julie said.

Norman police say the friends Sammy was with that night did call his dad to tell him they left Sammy near 108th and Post Oak Road.

His dad went looking for him but never found him.

Sammy's body was actually found by someone else hours later.

If you have any information that can help in the investigation you are asked to contact Norman Police.