Norman teen’s death remains a mystery 13 years after his body was found

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NORMAN, Okla. - Nearly 13 years after a Norman teenager's body was found on a rural road, police have hit a dead-end in the investigation.

To this day, they are unable to determine if Sammy Youngblood’s death was a murder or a tragic accident.

“We're still not real sure how or why,” said Capt. David Teuscher, with the Norman Police Department.

“I just wish to God I would have said, ‘Don't go,” Julie Youngblood, Sammy’s mother, said.

Police say Youngblood  is believed to have gone to a party and gotten into a fight with a friend.

“That's kind of where we go gray,” Capt. Teuscher said.

What really happened to Sammy Youngblood on that September night back in 2003?

“It drives me insane,” Julie said.

More than a decade later, police haven't been able to crack the case. The one clue they need could lie with the last person to see Sammy alive.

“You would think he would come forward and try to give that family some closure,” Capt. Teuscher said.

Friday night at 10 p.m. on NewsChannel 4, what police know about those final moments and why they're having a hard time getting answers almost 13 years later.