Okmulgee closing one elementary school due to budget cuts

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OKMULGEE, Okla. – As state budget cuts are taking a toll on agencies across the state, school district officials in Muskogee are taking drastic measures to make ends meet.

State leaders are trying to close a $1.3 billion hole in the budget, and the cuts are coming at a cost.

Public schools are having their budgets slashed by millions, causing some districts to fire teachers and cancel popular programs just to stay below the red line.

Officials with the Okmulgee  Public School District say they are being forced to close an elementary school in order to save money.

District leaders told FOX 23 that one of the two elementary schools will close its doors for good.

Also, the high school will become seventh grade through twelfth grade, and the middle school will house third through sixth graders.

The remaining elementary school will only house kindergarten through second grade.

Officials say they are also cutting 20 teaching positions and six support staff.