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Three arrested for crashing through gate at the governor’s mansion after domestic dispute

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OKLAHOMA CITY--OHP says it was one woman’s mission to get the governor to help her, so she crashed through the front gate.

The woman was caught up in a fight with her boyfriend.

They were driving along N.E. 23rd in the middle of the night.

Apparently, the woman was driving and decided she’d had enough with her boyfriend, so she’d get Governor Mary Fallin to help her out.

But, the governor was sound asleep, and the only people that woman ended up meeting were swarms of officers who took her to jail.

Most people don’t take trips to the governor’s mansion at 3a.m.

But nothing was stopping Pamela Nash: no intercom, no state trooper, and definitely no iron gate.

The gate has already been replaced after investigators say Nash plowed right through it.

“Apparently there was some kind of a verbal confrontation between the female driver and the male passenger in the vehicle,” Capt. Paul Timmons said.

Troopers say Nash, Arthur Island, and a neighbor, Janetta Harrison, were on 23rd east of Kelly when Island made some sort of threat to hurt Nash.

“The driver made the statement that she would go to the governor and get the governor’s help to keep him from doing any harm to her,” Timmons said.

Allegedly, that’s exactly what she did.

A loud crash outside the governor’s mansion got the attention of the closest security officer on duty.

Soon, we’re told that officer had his gun drawn facing three people in an SUV that had plowed through the main gate.

The officer called for backup.

All three individuals had been out drinking that night, pretty intoxicated, they were arrested at the scene,” Timmons said.

We’re told the plan was for Harrison to get to the front door to get the governor, but that plan was foiled by law enforcement who’d never seen anything like it before.

No one was hurt.

Nash was arrested DUI and trespassing.

The other two were booked into jail for trespassing and public intoxication.

Troopers have now the case over the district attorney for formal charges.