House rejects Gov. Mary Fallin’s veto of vaccination disclosure bill

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OKLAHOMA – On Monday, the House rejected an effort to override Governor Mary Fallin’s veto of a bill she said could have reduced vaccination rates and increased chances for communicable disease outbreaks, according to NewsOK.

While consumers receive a two-page summary of the benefits and risks of vaccines before they are administered, House Bill 3016 would have required doctors give parents additional material about them at the time children receive them.

Fallin said the bill would have confused and intimidated consumers by requiring health care providers to provide them with a 34-page appendix containing highly technical and, sometimes, obsolete information about vaccines.

State Rep. Randy Grau, co-author of the bill, said he thought it was important for consumers to be informed of ingredients in vaccines and the bill only would have required consumers to be given about four additional pages of information.

The override effort failed by a vote of 55-38, with 68 favorable votes needed.

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