“I just got robbed by a police officer,” Oklahoma City man duped by police impersonator

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are looking for a man accused of impersonating a cop and robbing a man.

It happened Saturday in the parking lot of Seminole Ridge Apartments on I -240.

"I called the police, and I said 'I just got robbed by a police officer,'" said Christopher Urquhart.

Urquhart had no reason to believe that wasn't the case.

He said he was pulling into Seminole Ridge Apartments on Saturday night with a friend when a white Kia behind him started flashing its lights.

When he pulled beside it, he said he saw a man inside with a gun.

"So, I told my friend to take off," he said.

The two left and came back through a different entrance.

When they parked, the same Kia pulled up behind them.

Urquhart said a man who looked like a police detective got out.

According to the police report, the suspect identified himself as "a narcotics officer" and ordered the victims to get back in their car at gunpoint.

"He was pointing his weapon and LED light at us, and he said 'Get back in the car,'" Urquhart said.

That's when he said the man started questioning them.

"I said 'We didn't see any markings on the car. All we saw was a guy with a gun," he said.

Urquhart said the fake cop searched them and took their ID's, cell phones and keys back to his car.

"The suspect then asked for the [victims'] I.D.'s and returned to his vehicle as if he was running them for warrants. The [victims] stated they could hear what sounded like police radio traffic coming from the [suspect's] vehicle," the police report read.

He said he appeared to check their names for warrants.

"He was wearing a white shirt with stripes, a black tie and belt, black pants and dress shoes. He had a holster with a possible badge. I mean, it all seemed 100 percent real," he said.

The victims said the suspect gave them back their wallets, keys and cell phones before saying he had to leave because he "had another call."

That is when Urquhart noticed $235 was missing from his wallet.

He immediately called police to report what happened.

"And, they were like 'There is no officers driving a Kia with a paper tag. That's just not happening,'" he said.

If you have any information on the crime, call police.

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