Shark bites woman’s arm in Boca Raton and won’t let go

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This is the story of a shark who became quite attached to a woman’s arm.

It just wouldn’t let go – not when she ran out of the water, not when a beachgoer rushed to help her and killed it, not when the woman was loaded on a stretcher with a splint board supporting her arm.

The incident happened at a Boca Raton beach on Sunday.

The good news is the 23-year-old woman’s fine.

And, it was a nurse shark – not a menacing Great White.


Nurse sharks are common in offshore Florida waters and can grow up to 14 feet in length.

So, it’s also a good thing this one was just 2 feet long.

“It’s a shark that’s been in our park for sometime,” Capt. Clint Tracy of the Boca Raton Fire and Rescue told WPEC. “And, although we have compassion for the victim, we’re also sad that the shark is not going to be there anymore.”

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