Wanted: Dancers and Athletes in one package for possible Olympic competition

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- They are Damian and Irina Morozova, multiple all around national championship winners for an organization called USA Dance.

To look this good they would be the first to tell yo about their dedication as athletes, the training, the diet, the long hours invested as amateur athletes.

"Without a doubt," agrees Irina.

"Absolutely," echoes Damien. "You have to work out. You have to warm up. There's a lot of cardio involved with it."

The 360 Dance Studio in Oklahoma CIty played host to a whole night of dancing, and a whole day of learning to dance for everyone else here.

Steve and Pam Hamilton put this dance workshop together as part of their new USA Dance chapter they organized in the Oklahoma City Metro.

Among their goals, aside from becoming good dancers, to get competitive ballroom dance into local schools and colleges too.

Steve says, "It is my goal, with our chapter, to see an Oklahoma team compete for the Ballroom National Championship."

Friday for show, Saturday for 'learning on the go', Damien and Irina taught some of the finer points of Fox Trot.

Another couple of master teachers and former champions, Perry Gingerich and Mandy Horne, had students on the other side of the room gliding through a waltz sequence.

"Gingerich says, "Those are the rewards when you see your students. You see your product out on the floor."

To build champion dancers you sometimes start with 'two left feet'.

The Hamiltons are patient.

They're hoping that, with time, and plenty of good music, they can find the talent they need to put their new USA Dance chapter on the map and even on a podium someplace.

For more information the local USA Dance chapter go to http://www.centralokusadance.org

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