Gov. Fallin signs bill focusing on sales tax for online purchases

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Online shopping

OKLAHOMA CITY – If you purchase items online, you will soon be forced to pay a sales tax under a new law.

On Tuesday, Gov. Fallin signed the Retail Protection Act, which will require online retailers that do not have a physical presence in Oklahoma to either begin voluntarily collecting sales tax or sending customers a notice at the end of the year to pay the sales and use tax  later.

“The governor’s signature helps protect Oklahoma businesses by lessening the benefit online retailers receive by not collecting Oklahoma Sales tax,” said Rep. Chad Caldwell. “This also means millions of dollars for vital state services such as education and health care.”

Currently, Oklahomans are supposed to claim the use tax annually on their tax return when they shop online.

However, lawmakers say only about four percent of Oklahoma taxpayers actually do that.

The law will take effect Nov. 1.

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