‘Ghost walls’ discovered in Oklahoma building give glimpse into the past

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CLAREMORE, Okla. – While renovating a building she purchased in March, Cari Bohannan made a shocking discovery.

“It’s very much like a time capsule,” said Emily Dickinson, a Claremore shopper.

While tearing down sheet rock, crews discovered brick walls covered in murals from the 1900s.

“Each one of them has its own story. It tells us a little bit about what was here in the past,” Bohannan said.

The ‘ghost walls’ feature ads for Coca-Cola, cigars, a cafe and a clothing store.

According to FOX 23, the building was constructed in 1909 and many of the murals are from that time period.

Experts believe that being covered for several decades actually preserved the walls.

Bohannan says she is planning to keep the walls in tact and will incorporate them into her shop, which is expected to open in October.

This isn’t the first time renovations have uncovered something special behind walls in Oklahoma.

In June, contractors discovered drawings and lesson plans from 1917 hidden behind walls at Emerson High School.

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