“It’s a political distraction,” Lawmakers fighting over call to impeach

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It's a national debate that's made its way to Oklahoma.

After a calling from President Obama to let transgender students use the public facilities they identify with, Oklahoma lawmakers filed two pieces of legislation this week, believing the government overstepped its bounds.

One such bill would give public schools in Oklahoma the choice.

If schools keep their current 'bathroom policies', they'd be protected by the Oklahoma State Attorney General.

"If they are sued, then the attorney general has the opportunity to defend that school district," explained Sen. Josh Brecheen, who co-authored the bill.

Brecheen also co-authored a resolution, which calls on our state's congressional House Representatives to file articles of impeachment on the president, attorney general, secretary of education and a number of other officials.

"The resolution is a statement, it's a very strong statement," said Brecheen.

"It's a political distraction," said John Sparks, Democratic Floor Leader. "We still don`t have a budget, we have almost a billion and a half shortfall, and instead of working on the budget today, we worked on this issue."

The impeachment resolution has yet to be discussed.

SB 1619 passed through the Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget on Friday.

The current legislative session is set to end next Friday.