Oklahoma senator is considering attempt to override veto of anti-abortion bill

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OKLAHOMA CITY—After Governor Mary Fallin vetoes a bill that would ban abortion, many Oklahoma are urging legislators to let that veto stand.

"It's important to me because I'm worried about the life, health and well-being of my fellow pregnant women in Oklahoma who will really be affected by this law,” Karo Chowning, president of the Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice, said.

In a statement regarding the veto, Governor Fallin said “The bill is ambiguous and so vague that doctors cannot be certain what medical circumstances would be considered necessary to preserve the life of the mother.”

Fallin went on to say the bill would not withstand a criminal constitutional legal challenge.

"I appreciate Governor Mary Fallin for vetoing the bill, I believe she did the right thing for the wrong reasons,” Chowning said.

Those rallying at the Capitol on Saturday say regardless of the veto, they’re outraged the bill even made it to the Governor’s desk.

"When we have bills like this come out, it has devastating consequences not necessarily for the women and families that are at the higher levels of the economic scale, but the ones that are at the lower levels that don't have the option to travel out of state or out of country to get these legitimate medical procedures,” Misty Foley-Mckenna, a Pro-Choice activist, said.

While Pro-Choice groups say the bill is unconstitutional, the author of the bill, Senator Nathan Dahm, said he hoped the bill would challenge Roe vs. Wade.

Dahm has said he's considering overriding the veto, but won't decide until next week.