‘Student of the Year’ barred from graduation due to facial hair

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AMITE, La. – Andrew Jones never made less than an ‘A’ during his four years at Amite High School, earning him the title of ‘Student of the Year.’

“He’s got a child, he’s got a baby and he’s still managed those grades,” said Sabrina Davis, Jones’ aunt.

Jones says he even received a scholarship to play football at Southeastern.

On Wednesday night, Jones dressed in his cap and gown and headed to his high school graduation.

However, he told WVUE that school officials confiscated his cap and gown and barred him from taking the stage because of his facial hair.

Jones, along with other male graduates, was told to shave his beard.

He says he shaved the sides of his face, but kept a goatee.

In the past, Jones says no one ever spoke to him about his facial hair before graduation.

“I went all four years with it,” he said.

The district’s superintendent says it is the school’s policy for male graduates to be clean-shaven.

“I feel they should have let me march,” he said. “The hair on my face has nothing to do with school. I wasn’t distracting anybody.”