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“I said ‘Hey, you! Get on the ground now,'” Homeowner apprehends intruder

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MCCLAIN COUNTY, Okla. - A McClain County homeowner nabs a burglar before he makes his getaway and makes as citizen’s arrest.

Ted Starr said his home has been burglarized nearly a dozen times over the years.

This time, he not only caught the suspect red handed, he got him on video.

On camera, you can hear David James Robertson, 42, apologize to Starr, but that did not keep him from being cuffed and booked into jail.

Before their run in, Starr noticed someone had broken into his home.

“He was taking stuff, like my clothes, computer stuff, just pretty much in general anything he could take and get a dollar for,” Starr said.

Starr had a feeling the thief would be back, so he planned an unexpected trip home.

He quickly noticed a battery taken from his camper and a bag that did not belong to him.

“I immediately got on the phone and called my father,” Starr said.

Next, the back door swung open and out stepped a stranger.

“I said 'Hey, you! Get on the ground now! Get down,'” Starr said.

As he followed orders, Starr hit the record button on his phone, and Robertson tried to explain himself.

"I promise on the Bible I was just sleeping, man. I was walking by, and I fell asleep," Robertson said as Starr filmed.

The single father felt no pity for the man lying on the ground.

"A lot of anger. You're taking stuff that I've worked for, that I work hard for, and you don't want to get a job, so you'll just take what I have and, on top of that, you're taking sentimental stuff," Starr said. "It's time to take a hard look. Go look in the mirror. What kind of person are you?”

Robertson is out of jail on a $5,000 bond.

NewsChannel 4 tried to call him, but the number he gave deputies is not working.

He is facing a couple of charges, including second degree burglary.

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